Want to be a CIO 2023 staff member?

Do you like the world of communication and scientific research?
Do you want to get involved and get to know researchers closely,  enthusiasts, their discoveries and experiences?

If you answered “yes” then you cannot miss the opportunity to attend  at the XXI Italian Ornithology Conference in Varese on 5-9 September 2023 as a staff member.

There are 20 places available, divided into the following positions

  • Reception and secretariat
  • Photographer for social communication
  • Audio visual computer technician
  • Poster assistant
  • Auction moderator
  • Accompanist for foreign guest


  • Ability to relate to the public, friendliness, charisma
  • Ability to handle many requests while reacting quickly
  • Knowledge of the campus, classrooms, facilities (also of the city of Varese)
  • Passion for the subject
  • Knowledge of the English language