Oral presentations


  • Keynote presentations: 45 minutes followed by 15 minutes for questions, a total of 60 minutes.
  • Oral presentations (including symposia): 12 minutes presentation + 5 minutes for Q&A + 3 minutes for change of rooms, a total of 20 minutes.

Hosts of sessions and symposiums will be responsible for strictly enforcing the timing!


The congress will be bilingual Italian/English. Therefore, if the speech will be in Italian, presentation slides need to be written in English, or viceversa. For foreign speakers, it is recommended that slides are written in Italian if the speech is in English; the organization is happy to help with slide translation if needed!


Please save the presentation in PDF format. Other supported formats are .odp and .pptx, but a PDF version of the presentation is required (simply save/export the presentation as a .pdf file in the software used for preparation).

We ask speakers to use the templates provided by the organization to prepare their presentations.

Download the presentation template (.pptx)

Download the presentation template (.odp)


Presentations (in PDF format) must be uploaded to the dedicated platform by Monday, September 4th.


The presentation file should be named as follows:


where YYY refers to the acronym of the session/symposium, following the scheme below (e.g., FAR_Brambilla.pdf)

  • MIG > Bird migration
  • HAB > Habitat selection and ecology
  • ATL > Bird atlases
  • GLO > Birds and global change
  • BEH > Avian behaviour
  • ALP > Alpine birds
  • TOX > Ecotoxicology and avian diseases
  • WAT > Waterbirds and wetlands ecology facing global change
  • FAR > Farmland birds
  • GEN > Bird genetics and evolution
  • MOV > Internal and external factors shaping movement ecology of birds
  • URB > Anthropization and urbanization
  • CON > Bird conservation
  • REM > Remote sensing in ornithology
  • ACU > Bioacustics in the ornithological research


  • Use simple fonts (Calibri, Arial, Times New Roman, etc.). Avoid unusual fonts to ensure compatibility with the congress hall's PCs
  • Avoid if possible transition animations, popping-up elements etc. If the pop-up effect is needed, if possible, please use different slides to simulate the pop-up effect
  • Videos and audios must be embedded in the presentation (in such cases, the .pptx format is allowed)



The poster format is 70x100 cm, portrait. Only paper posters are allowed; the use of other materials such as fabric or PVC is not permitted.

We ask speakers to use the templates provided by the organization to prepare their posters.

Download the poster template (.jpg)

Download the poster template (.png)


The congress will be bilingual in Italian/English. Therefore, a very short summary or bullet points (max 150 words) in the language not used for the rest of the written content in the poster (e.g., if the poster is in English, the abstract should be in Italian, and vice versa)

However, the title of the poster must be in English.


The poster rooms will be located in the same building as the congress.

Posters can be hung starting from the afternoon of September 5th. Visits to the poster rooms will be allowed throughout the duration of the congress during the opening hours of the congress building.

Pins/velcro supports to hang the posters on the panels will be provided by the organization.

Posters will be numbered and hung on the corresponding panel.


  • Avoid overly long written sections. Include only essential information
  • Focus primarily on results and discussion. Keep the methods concise
  • The use of images, graphs, infographics, etc., is preferable to written texts