CIO 2023 programme published, download it!

The Scientific Committee of the CIO 2023 has finalized the definition of the scientific programme of the congress. The programme, which spans 5 days, includes 11 sessions and 4 symposia featuring a total of 97 different speakers, as well as 11 roundtable discussions. Except for the introductory plenary lectures for each day, which will feature 4 prestigious guests from France, Switzerland, and Italy, participants will have the opportunity to choose between 2 or 3 different options at any given time during the congress. The talks will have a duration of 12 minutes (+5 minutes Q&A), followed by 3 minutes for buffer time to allow for synchronization between sessions and facilitate participants’ potential movement between sessions, aided by the proximity of the congress halls, all located within the same pavilion at the University of Insubria. The main themes of the sessions include Bird migration, Birds and global change, Alpine birds, Farmland birds, Anthropization and urbanization, and Bird conservation. The scientific programme of CIO 2023 is complemented by 136 posters and enriched with a program of side events, ranging from music (a must-attend performance of Olivier Messiaen’s Catalogue d’Oiseaux on Tuesday, September 5th, by Mo Ciro Longobardi) to cinema (the event “Birds in the History of Cinema,” in collaboration with Prof. Andrea Bellavita and Mauro Gervasini, former director of FilmTV), not to mention field excursions (with 4 destinations to choose from among the lakes and mountains of Varesotto!) and the inevitable social dinner.

The complete program with all the authors will be published at a later date.

To learn more, download the synoptic programme.